The Vysočina region lies on the borders of Bohemia and Moravia. The most famous cities here are Telč, Třebíč and Jihlava. Vysočina is known for its glassmaking activities, but you can find picturesque educational paths here as well. Křemešník is a well-known legendary pilgrimage site with sights in the forests from one of the highest peaks in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. The Milovská nature trail near Křižánky tells the story of the landscape under the Four Sticks, where you can observe the remains of love glassworks built in 1835. Discover the folk architecture of the Vysočina region along the Metodka u Věcova nature trail in the Žďár region.


Stay at the Usobí chateau, and in the afternoon or evening you can relax in the chateau Šenk or the courtyard, where you can enjoy coffee, Chotěboř beer, an excellent selection of wines from the Zapletal winery, or another drink of your choice. During the day you can enjoy numerous activities in the area or go on a trip along the tourist signs directly from the castle. If your group includes children, you can also spend the day relaxing in the castle park, where the children will have fun on the playground (entry at your own risk!). The playground features a trampoline, a large slide, a sandpit, a slackline, and a rope swing.


Another place to stay is at the Hostačov Chateau, where the food is top-notch, customer service and staff are excellent, and you can engage in activities such as tennis or a disco golf course in the chateau, which is one of the largest in Europe. They also have an outdoor pool, and you can leave your children in the games room or in the castle’s home cinema. From here you can go anywhere in the nearby countryside for a jog or a walk.


Last but not least, there is the Světlá Chateau, which offers many activities for children, such as mainly the only escape room for children in the Czech Republic. The castle also offers many packages for day trips in the area beyond the accommodation.


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