The Ústí nad Labem region with the regional town of Ústí nad Labem is in northwestern Bohemia and borders Germany. It is divided into 7 districts: Louny, Chomutov, Děčín, Litoměřice, Ústí nad Labem, Teplice and Most. As many people know, the region is prominent for its economy with a focus on heavy industry. There are several factories focused on coal mining and other related coal-fired power plants in Tušimice, Prunéřov or Počerady. Ceramics in Teplice, ferrous metals in Chomutov or cement in Čížkovice are also produced.


The region includes developed agriculture as well, especially extensive vineyards in the Litoměřice region and in the vicinity of the town of Louny, such as the Johann W Winery, which offers not only wines for purchase but also tastings and tours of the vineyards. We must not forget the brewing and growing of hops, such as the Temple of Hops and Beer in Žatec or smaller family breweries, such as the Zichovec Family Brewery. There are various sizes of breweries in the area, which can attract lovers of the Czech national drink.


Even though it may not seem like it at first glance, the region is also attractive for tourism. Visitors are mainly attracted by what nature has to offer. For example, a prominent feature of landscape in this region is the Protected Landscape Area (PLA) of České Středohoří, where there are many peaks of volcanic origin. The modernly reconstructed Oblík farm, which is located below the peak of the same name, can thus become a refuge for you here. The farm is still functional, harboring with sheep, cows, and ponies. You can stay here in their luxury apartments and rent bikes to travel around the PLA.


Bohemian Switzerland National Park tops the region as the most beautiful place to visit because of its unique sandstone formations. The symbol of the park is the Pravčická Gate, which becomes a destination for many visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad all year round. From the viewpoint of Šaunštejn, the remains of a rock castle from the 14th century, there is a beautiful view that makes this area worth the visit.


You don’t have to worry about not eating here during your visit. Interested in trying out phenomenal burgers from the KARLS grill bar in Děčín, or would you prefer a higher caliber of gastronomy at the Restaurant & Cafe Republika in Chomutov? With a little hunger, visit Coffee & Books in Děčín, where you can also read, or even Coffeeup in Ústí, where you will always find sweet and savory options for morning and afternoon snacks. If good coffee is what attracts you, you can visit the Zoban roastery with great service in Litoměřice.


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