The Zlín Region represents Eastern Moravia, its traditional values, folklore, excellent wines with plum brandy, important cultural monuments and, finally, luxurious spas.


Each of these areas retains an unmistakable identity rooted in its origins from long ago. Folk traditions and natural beauties will perfectly enchant each of you on your trip through these towns. Here, you will find a very rich culture with folk traditions that you will find anywhere else in the Czech Republic.


This area provides an ideal space to spend the holidays on the water. To make your stay more pleasant, pair it with good wine and an excursion to the castle park at Buchlovice Castle, or directly to Buchlov Castle. There is all of those, and much more!




Due to the busy schedule of travelers, making a visit directly to winemakers in the region prove a bit formidable. However, visitors have the great opportunity to ride a cruise at the Baťa Canal in Slovakia. Stay packages on houseboats paired with an excursion directly to the “kitchen” of winemakers will offer you the opportunity to combine several activities at once. During the cruise you can stop in any of the ports and, for example, have an undemanding sports program on bikes around ba´ták. The bike path is an easy, undemanding trip which allows those who are not active athletes to enjoy the trail and thus makes it ideal for virtually all ages. If you are sailing with children, here is where the youngest will also receive their money’s worth. At the stop in the port of the Old Town you are able to visit and explore the area, which offers a completely original panoramic view of the entire valley in which Uherské Hradiště is located. Another highlight of this route is the Buchlov Castle and its manorial burial ground on the side hill Barborka.




If you choose one of our wine sailing options, you will be enriched by the experience of listening to a live dulcimer band that will play just for you! Cimbalom music is an inseparable part of Slovácko culture that you will be welcomed to experience.


Zlín was especially famous for Mr. Baťa, who, among other things, built the Baťa canal to transport coal. The absolute original works of the world are his houses, which you will not find anywhere else on this planet. Lastly, there you will find Baťa’s skyscraper “21”, which was the second largest buildings in Europe at the time of its creation.


Luhačovice is famous as one of the most prominent spa towns in the Czech Republic. Here, you will find a wide range of hotels with a variety of spa treatments available and mineral springs. Their history dates far back in time, with the first records of its institutions captured in the first half of the 17th century. They came to the subconscious thanks to members of the noble Serényi family, especially Ondřej, Vincent and Jan. Hence, the rise of the name Vincentka, for example, as one of the main suppliers in the area.

Beyond spas, we find the charming, unique architecture that characterizes this spa town as noteworthy. Nature and cultural activities belong to this city in addition to the spa itself.


If you are interested in or enjoy indulging in plum brandy, then you must visit Vizovice! At Rudy Jelínek you will learn the specifics of this craft and certainly take away items with you in lieu of this experience. Moreover, the beauty and picturesqueness of the Wallachian landscape is unique and difficult to describe. You just need to experience it for yourself!




Kroměříž Archbishop’s chateau and gardens, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, belongs at the top of your itinerary! If you decide to visit this other picturesque region of Eastern Moravia,

the archbishop’s castle cellars and the charming Renaissance Flower Garden, built by Italian architects F. Luches and P. G. Tencall, make up the unique features of this region and make it all the more worth visiting.





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