Discover the incredible experience of a James Bond worthy chase between a helicopter and a true monster Offshore boat of more than 1500 hp over 68 mph on the French Riviera.

Hunt your target with a helicopter flying at the water's edge or try to escape your enemy aboard your Sea Formula 1.

The passengers of the helicopter will end their race with an exceptional panoramic flight of the Côte d'Azur while the passengers of the off-shore boat will be full of speed and excitement before commuting.

Shivers and sensations guaranteed as well as memories forever etched in your mind!

Format: Group of 2 to 10 people / hour. Up to 60 people / day 


  • Embarkation in your helicopter with a maximum capacity of 5 people parked at the heliport of Nice or Monaco

  • Take-off and flight to the off-shore boat

  • Embarkation at the home port on-board of your 1500 hp off-shore boat with a maximum capacity of 5 people and off-shore transfer

  • Race simulation Heli-offshore chase for 15 minutes at a top speed of 69 mph

  • Offshore tour along the coast and 15-minutes helicopter scenic flight

  • Return to the port and the heliport for a shift of the teams

  • Each group will have evolved thus in the helicopter and in the off-shore


  • Dates : All year

  • Capacity : 10 passengers (5 offshore/5 helicopters)

  • Duration : 1 hour / group of 10 people

  • Participants : Min. 2 / Max.60

  • Place : French Riviera


  • The exclusive availability of the helicopter and off-shore boat for your race for 1h

  • 2 race simulation sessions Heli off-shore and panoramic flight helicopter (30 minutes per session)

  • Fuel

  • NOVAE Support

  • Option: Video race chase

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